Writing the Statement of Purpose

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Writing the Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose ought to persuade the person who reads it, mainly, the faculty on the admissions committee, that you hold solid accomplishments that demonstrate potential for your success in your intended field of study.

Consider the statement of purpose as an essay with four different sections.

Section 1: In this section, talk about yourself, your interests, as well as your motivations

Talk about what interests you in this specific program, and possibly, what generated your aspiration for this field of study. This ought to be brief and concise; do not spend excess time on the story of your life.

Section 2: Summarize your academic trajectory, and any previous relevant career. For graduate study application, recapitulate your undergraduate and preceding graduate career.

a) Research you carried out. Specify with whom, the title of the research project, specify what your responsibilities entailed, and the outcome. Write in the style of your academic discipline, or in other words, technically.

b) Major paper or thesis project that accomplished, in addition to anything scholarly outside your curricular confines.

c) Work experience, particularly if you held any form of responsibility for testing, designing, researching or interning in a field resembling what you pursue in graduate school.

Section 3: Discuss the significance of your recent, as well as present undertakings

For graduate study application, in the event that you graduated and worked before returning to graduate school, specify what you have been doing: the organization that you worked in, your responsibilities, and what you learned. You can also specify here how this aided you in focusing on your graduate studies.

Section 4: Elaborate on your scholarly interests

Specify what you are keen to study in sufficient detail to persuade the faculty that you comprehend the scope of study in this discipline.

a) For graduate study application, specify the area of your interests. Preferably, pose a question, define a problem, or specify a theme that you are keen to address, and interrogations that arise from current research. This ought to be a well-thought out paragraph!

b) For graduate study application, search for information about the departments that you are keen on, as well as professors and their research.  Check the particular program, and familiarize yourself with the works of the different professors with whom you might work.

c) Conclude your Statement of Purpose in a positive manner, demonstrating your enthusiasm and willingness for the challenges ahead of you.

Important Guidelines

1.    The admissions committee will be keen to understand your self-motivation, competency, and potential.

2.    Highlight everything from a positive angle and write in an active, rather than a passive voice.

3.    Demonstrate everything through examples. Do not mere say that you are a persistent individual, demonstrate it.

4.    In the event that something significant occurred to you that affected your grades, for instance excessive work, poverty, or sickness, state it affirmatively. Demonstrate your perseverance regardless of difficulties. You can elaborate more about this in your personal statement.

5.    Ensure that everything is interconnected with continuousness and focus.

6.    Unless instructed otherwise, be concise; a model essay ought to say everything it requires to with concision. The ideal length is approximately 500 to 1000 well-thought out words, in 1-2 single space pages, and in 12 point font. 

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