Personal Statements

The personal statement is your opportunity to prove to the admissions committee or hiring manager that you are the best perfect candidate for the course or Job that you are applying to. It allows you to exhibit your strengths, highlight your achievements, as well as share your career aspirations with the admissions committee or hiring manager. It is your opportunity to out-shine other applicants.

It is important to remember that a university personal statement is different from a personal statement for a job application; so do not confuse the two.

Career Break and Career Change Personal Statement

There are infinite reasons for taking a career break, or changing a career. At, we understand that it may be tricky explain a career break in your Curriculum Vitae (CV), or resume. On the other hand, it is a big mistake not to explain it all, since it is inappropriate to leave a baffling gap in your resume/CV. Explaining a gap in your resume/CV demonstrates your confidence.

When organizing the personal statement, it is essential to explain a few things, such as:

  1. Who you are.
  2. What you can offer this firm.
  3. Why you have chosen this career path.

Place the main focus of the personal statement on your employment history. Focus on your career prior to the break, and highlight any skills learnt during the break that may be relevant to the job. Consequently leave any further explanation regarding the career break for your cover letter.

The core intent of your personal statement should be to market yourself. Therefore highlight your positives instead of making apologies for the negative aspects of your career path.

If you are changing careers, consider any transferable skills that are relevant to the new career. Provide factual information that demonstrates your success. To add value to your presentation, focus on a few successes, exhibit the impact they had, on you and your employer.

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