Money Back Guarantee

Our Money Back Guarantee presents the client with an opportunity to request for a refund in the different case scenarios as clarified below.

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A 100% refund will be processed in the cases where:

  • In the unlikely scenario that the order cannot be processed in any of the provided categories, the client can alert the Support Team for consideration of the issue and the refund application will be processed forthwith.
  • An erroneous payment occurred, where a double payment is processed or identical orders are made. In such cases the client is obligated to report at once to the Support Team regarding the errors related to the payment process. However, the client will receive a full refund only in the event that a writer has not yet been assigned the order.
  • In the improbable event that no writer is available to work on the Order, the Support Team will inform the client about it and, if the client prefers to withdraw the order at that time, the Support Team will immediately initiate the refund process.
  • In the unfortunate event that the client no longer needs the paper because the writer missed the deadline and the order was not delivered.

In the event that the client requests for a refund on grounds of claims of bad quality, the reimbursement will by no means exceed 70%. In such cases, the client will be required to provide feedback indicating the incongruity of the order instructions. An inquiry will be initiated by the Quality Assurance Team, where the basis of resolution for the client's allegation will be determined by the outcomes of the inquiry.

Please note that the Money Back Guarantee shall be considered as VOID in the different case scenarios as clarified below, and therefore, no refund can be made.

  1. The client cancels an order after a writer has already been assigned to work on the order, UNLESS the Writer misses the deadline.
  2. The client’s actions cause a delay, and the writer misses the deadline. This involves a delay in providing the required sources or materials to execute an order.
  3. A deadline extension was permitted by the client, which means that the client provided extra time to the writer to complete the order.
  4. A client files a claim for bad grade. All and sundry MUST understand that the works generated through this website are not to be submitted as the client’s own works, but are intended for reference purposes only, unless with the express permission of the Company.

Refund Processing

The Company will expedite any established refund verification of the client within five business day, beginning from the refund verification date. It MUST be understood that any Transaction fees, intricacies of funds transfer, and likely delays arising as a result of Bank service matters will not be the obligation of the Company.

The cost of the refund transaction, in terms of transaction fees for the client and the Company bank will be incurred by the client in full.