The personal statement is your opportunity to prove to the admissions committee or hiring manager that you are the best perfect candidate for the course or Job that you are applying to. It allows you to exhibit your strengths, highlight your achievements, as well as share your career aspirations with the admissions committee or hiring manager. It is your opportunity to out-shine other applicants.

It is important to remember that a university personal statement is different from a personal statement for a job application; so do not confuse the two.

Personal Statement for University Admission

The personal statement is an integral component of the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) application process. The personal statement entails writing clearly in a coherent manner, about your skills, experience, as well as aspirations, with the intention to persuade the admissions committee that you are the most suitable candidate for the course/program.

The personal statement demonstrates your academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities, besides other pertinent experience that has molded your interest in pursuing the course/program.

Organizing the Personal Statement for University Admission

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Unlike curriculum vitae (CV), it is necessary to organize your personal statement in three to four clear paragraphs, instead of one mass of text.

Below is a guideline of how to structure your personal statement for university admission:

  1. Motivation for desiring to pursue the course/program
  2. Why you are the best fit for the course/program.
  3. How your present study is relevant to the course/program
  4. Your relevant interests and hobbies.
  5. Your skills and accomplishments.
  6. Your work experience
  7. How you would value to the college/university community, if you get admitted.

How to Make Your Personal Statement Stand Out

Considering that university places are perpetually in unending competition, the personal statement presents you the perfect chance to stand out from your competitors.

A few guidelines to help you get started:

  1. Be relevant, there is a limit to the number of characters, and you cannot waste valuable space on irrelevant rhetoric.
  2. Demonstrate that you are unique by illustrating your suitability through personal experiences, and personality traits.
  3. Present a sound balance of academic and non-academic credentials.
  4. Make it appealing, but be realistic and avoid truisms.
  5. Think unconventionally, or from an innovative perspective; outside the box, but at the same time, keep away fromthe obvious.

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Guarantees of our Admissions Help Services

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