Privacy Policy Statement

The Company acquires holds and processes the user’s personal data for purposes limited to processing payments, processing orders, as well as opening and maintenance of the client’s accounts and any necessary communications as need arises.

All information that is shared between the users and the Company is kept private. The Company does not provide the user’s information to third parties without explicit authorization from the user. Similarly, the release of the Company’s information to third parties is regarded as a contravention of the Company’s Privacy Policy Statement.

The rationale of this privacy policy statement is to help you in understanding how the Company utilizes your personal information that is gathered through this Website, as well as the choices you can make regarding how your personal information may be utilized. Through this privacy policy statement, the Company also seeks to clarify how that information is applied in delivering our products/services to you.

The company is devoted to safeguard and respect your privacy. The Company considers your privacy to be important, and consequently, we adhere to some fundamental principles:

  • The Company is vigilant concerning the personal data we request from you and the personal data that we gather concerning you via the operation of the Company’s services.
  • The Company aims to simplify as much as possible your control regarding the information we can share publicly (or keep confidential), indexed by search engines, and permanently removed
  • The Company aims for complete transparency in regard to how we collect, utilize, and share your private data.
  • The Company does not seek to store your personal information longer than we deem necessary.

You are advised to read and understand our Privacy Policy Statement, which includes and explains the principles aforementioned.

This Privacy Policy Statement applies to any personal information that the Company gathers about you in your utilization of our products/services:

This Privacy Policy Statement stipulates how the Company may utilize, process and store your personal information. Further down we clarify how we amass, utilize, and share information concerning you, as well as the choices that you have regarding that information.

In the event that you may have any queries regarding this Privacy Policy Statement, please get in touch with us through the Company’s designated communication channels.

The Information We Gather About You

During your use of this Website, as well as our Products/Services we may amass your personal and non-personal data. The technical information we may automatically gather information about you includes

  • Your IP addresses
  • Type of device used to connect to this Website
  • Your interaction with this Website.

For more information read and understand the Website’s Cookie Policy.

Types of the Personal Data we gather and its purpose

The information provided by you by interacting with the Company via its communication channels includes:

  • Your Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Details of your preferred payment method

When you utilize our Products/Services or access this Website, we automatically gather non-personally identifiable data, but which possibly may be applied to identify you personally. This comprises data regarding your device, IP-address, browser, general geographical location (country) and time zone, OS and the date and time of your sessions on this Website. This data may be amassed via different technologies such as server logs, cookies and related technologies, such as web beacons

This data is essential for the sufficient enactment of the contract between you and the Company, and to permit us to execute our legal obligations emanating from this contract.

The judicial aim for holding this information is the Company’s legitimate interests in refining our Products/Services, and delivering high-quality service support.

How We Can Receive Your Information

We may acquire your data from you through contracts or other legal engagements you have with the Company or our associates on our behalf, so as to deliver contractual/legitimate responsibilities. Your authorization and consent can be obtained by the Company directly, or we may obtain your personal information from third parties that you have authorized to provide the information on to the Company.

Information from Third Parties

We may collaborate with specific third parties, for instance, payment service providers, and we also may obtain some information concerning you from them. Note that third-party service providers process your payment card data when you utilize a payment card in making payments on our Website. Therefore, we strongly advise you to thoroughly scrutinize the privacy policy of the relevant payment service provider. On the other hand, the third-parties may provide the Company with specific personal data which may consist of:

  • Your Payment Card Holder Name
  • Email Registered
  • Your Address

Legal grounds for processing your personal information

We can process your personal data for the reason that:

  • We hold a contract with you
  • You allow us to do the same
  • You are utilize our Products/Services
  • You have requested us to do so
  • To abide by the law

Tabulation of Categories of Personal Data the Company Gathers from its Clients. Researchers or Writers, and its Purpose

Category of Personal Data Purposes of the information
User's Country Authentication of the User
Deterrence of Fraudulent Use and Trade in User's Accounts
Tax Implications, VAT Purposes
User's Email Address The Main Communication Avenue With User
To Provide You With Necessary Promotional Materials
Link to the User's LinkedIn Profile Authentication of the User
Deterrence of Fraudulent Use and Trade in User’s Accounts
User’s First Name and Surname Authentication of the User
For invoices, billing
Deterrence of Fraudulent Use and Trade in User’s Accounts
City/State/ZIP Code/Address Billing Information for Invoices
Phone Number Authentication of the User
Fast Communication with User
User's Support and Assistance
Copy of Degree Certificate Substantiation of User's Education Level to ascertain he/she is Capable of providing the Company with the required Products/Services
Photo files of the User (with personal ID) Authentication of the User
Deterrence of Fraudulent Use and Trade in User's Accounts
User's Payment Accounts Details such as Credit Card, PayPal, Payoneer, Transferwise, or Alternative Financial Account Information, and Billing Address To Facilitate Necessary Payments for the Products/Services
Tax implications, VAT purposes

While the Company may gather and store the files uploaded, downloaded, or accessed by you in the Website, kindly desist from sharing with the Company any that files you are not authorized to use. Kindly refrain from uploading or sharing with the Company any files that hold your personal information or personal information of third parties devoid of authorization. We cannot guarantee that such personal information will be safeguarded.

The right to withdraw consent

In the event that you have provided the Company with your consent to process your data, but later changed your mind, you are at liberty to withdraw your consent whenever you like, and the Company must discontinue processing your data. In such cases, kindly contact us through [email protected]

If you decide not to provide the Company with your personal information, whereas the Personal Data is required in order to for the Company to provide Products/Services to you under a contract between you and the Company, the Company will as a result decline to enter into that contract or provide the Products/Services until such a time as you provide the Company with your personal information.

Amendments to this Privacy Policy Statement

The Company holds the authority to amend this Privacy Policy Statement periodically. Laws, regulations and industry standards are constantly evolving, and this might necessitate different modifications, or the Company might make adjustments to its business. In the event that you disagree with the amendments to this Privacy Policy Statement, you must promptly deactivate your account by contacting [email protected] for Account Deactivation notification.