Terms & Conditions

For future reference terms “We”, “Our” and “Company” will be utilized to imply Penworkresearch, LLC, (See Contact us page for Company information)

The phrase “Client” denotes a person or a legal entity that has accepted these Terms and Conditions, and anyone uploading or downloading any information, as well as making financial transactions on this Website. This means a person or a legal entity that procures our products/services, and is wholly cognizant of the terms and conditions, as well as responsibilities and obligations he/she must adhere to “Writer” is an individual contracted by the Company as a freelancer, to deliver research and writing services to the client, in line with the contract with Duedatepapers.com.

By “Product”/ “Services” we imply any written works that a client’s requests or chooses, as well as the outcome of an order, which is uploaded as original content, written and delivered to the client as per the client’s inquest as a digital file. This entails works of different complexities. The client pays for the product/service, and the assigned writer executes the task consistent with the client’s instructions.

“Order” denotes an electronic tender for a paid service/product that emanates from the client for a specific writing Service. Order stipulates the scope of work, as well as other requisites of the client concerning the product. Order implies the written instruction that was delivered in electronic form online in this website by the client. The order commences the instant the client completes the Order Form in this website, and transfers the payment for the same. An order cannot commence without appropriate instructions and guidelines. Completing the Order Form is the only appropriate method to place an order. Note that the use of chat and email requests do not qualify for an appropriate mode of placing an order. However, in the event that a client experiences difficulties in placing an order, we can offer the necessary assistance through the available communication platforms, providing pointers to the relevant areas.

“Account”implies the personalized segment of the website, inaccessible to the public, which is generated upon the client’s registration in the website. The Account is customized by the client’s Account name and PIN.


Prior to placing an order, the client is strongly advised to read and understand the Terms and Conditions.By filling the Order Form, the Client is by default considered by the Company to have accepted these Terms and Conditions in entirety.


The Company holds the liberty to amend, or abolish the Terms and Conditions at without consulting the website’s users. The website’s users are instructed to occasionally review the Policies in order to stay updated. The Company is not under obligation to inform the website’s users regarding any updates on the website. In this regard, it is in the user’s best interests to periodically review this website’s updates.


The plagiarism level in products/services provided in this website that is considered to be tolerable by us is lower than 10%. In the event that the level of plagiarism in products/services provided by our writers is higher, the client holds the right to request for a revision or a reimbursement. For supplementary information concerning these issues, you are advised to view the Company’s Revision policy and Money back guarantee. Note that bibliographical references (in-text citations and bibliography page) and stereotypical phrases (figures of speech, typical phrases, connectors and other commonly used phrases) shall not be considered to be plagiarism and shall consequently not be incorporated in computing the plagiarism level.